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Hi im just wondering myself, I have an issue, I got Wing Commander 1 2 and secret missions 2 crusade from GOG galaxy . com. I finished all wing commander 1 missions went to play wing commander 2 secret missions, so I click the Wing Commander icon the game opens up via dos box without me opening Dosbox it self. When it loads it says play 1 and 2, or play 2 crusade, or exit, So I click play 1 and 2. After the conductor and the dralthi dieing I get the screen that says start vega campaign, or continue campaign, or start secret missions, I click start secret mission, but then it opens up to the flight sim, as though I am just staring like I did in vega. So all my saved medals and promotions are not there and there's no one sleeping in the bed, so it's like I just started brand new again.

I'm off the understanding you can transfer characters, I saw in windows, under the directory wing commander there is a transfer.EXE Icon/file and transfer 2.EXE icon/file, so I clicked the transfer EXE File in windows, and I got this msg.

The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running. Check your computers system info to see whether you need an x86 32 or 64 bit version of tjhe program then contact the software publisher.

Now if I click Dosbox the icon itself to open dosbox, as opposed to clicking the wing commander icon in windows and Dosbox opens with z:\ and I mount c:\ and then open up the WC game via that way as opposed to clicking the windows icon,
I then start a vega campaign goto the sleep room, save a character/file, then exit i can then in Dosbox type transfer.exe it loads me to a screen where i can do the transfer of players to secret missions etc!

is there a file I can use in windows to be able to load into the transfer screen, instead of having to open up Dosbox itself and mounting the c drive etc, as otherwise I might have to go back and do all the missions again, via Dosbox itself that way.

I use windows 7

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First, a general comment about this type of question. The issue you are experiencing seems to be more of a usage issue in conjunction with GOG.com rather than a DOSBox failure. That means that you are more likely to find others with similar problems in the GOG.com Wing Commander forum (https://www.gog.com/forum/wing_commander_series) or, in this particular case, the Wing Commander Combat Information Center (https://www.wcnews.com/).

Having said that, a quick perusal of the GOG forum indicates that others may have a solution to your problem:
https://www.gog.com/forum/wing_commande ... save_games

Others may have better or alternative solutions in the GOG or WC CIC forums.