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In one of my favorite games: Rick Dangerous 2 😁
there is an option to use AdLib for sound.

Normally I would load 'sound.com' and then 'main.exe /a /e' not using the menu, for speed purposes 🙄

Today I found 'sb-sound.com' , Creative Labs solution to play these games with AdLib compatibility. However the music becomes terribly slow, so my first thought is a driver issue, AdLib's 'sound.com' works fine.

Could this be DOSBox related ?

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The README file included with SB-SOUND.COM mentions "The Game of Harmony", and in that game the speed is the same with either driver. If it was a DOSBox issue, I'd expect consistent results. I guess the driver is not as compatible as Creative hoped, and in the case of RD2 it is noticeable. Perhaps keropi or some other forum member can see what happens on a real DOS system.

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I just tested it quickly since I am already testing stuff 😁
with both a CT1350 and Oprheus loading SB-SOUND.COM results is slow music playback with Rick2.
AdLib's SOUND.COM works fine in both cases.

hope this helps! if I need to test more soundcards please tell me

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