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I got the cdrom for UEFA Champions League 96/97 and have installed and it the normal VESA version looks to run fine - a bit fast but i can tweak that.

The game however also has 3dfx settings for dos too and i see that Dosbox-x (a build that i believe is supported and so i hopefully would be scolded here for mentioning it) has voodoo and glide functionality in it - and i know that other similar builds (now unsupported ones so i wont say the name) did allow me to run Prost Grand Prix in dos 3dfx mode

so bearing all that in mind, i run the UEFA3DFX.exe but then get a message that i have low memory and see that more that 16mb is needed; I go into the config GUI and put athe memsize as 32 and vmemsize as 8 - i try the exe again and it still says low memory and says that 915040 bytes minimum is needed

Although its likely that no one else here has this game per se, i am hoping maybe someone can say if there is something else i need to do to increase the memory in dosbox-x

Also the game readme has the following info (see below) - somethng about SMARTDRV - is there some corresponding setting in dosbox for this?


The 3DFX version will run in Win95 on a 16Mb machine, but the DOS version
requires more than 16Mb to work. This is because the program needs either more
RAM or Windows95 Virtual Memory turned on.
In Win95, select the UEFA3DFX icon from the UEFA97 menu.
To run the game from DOS, type 'UEFA3DFX' at the command prompt

Low Memory Configurations

If you have less than 24Mb RAM and you are using SMARTDRIVE, remove line 'SMARTDRV' from AUTOEXEC.bat file
Note on a 16Mb machine, disabling SMARTDRIVE may not be necessary if you are ONLY going to run the game in Windows 95

If the error 'Not Enough Dos Environment Space to set the DOS4GWM
environment variable' appears after installing the game on an 8meg machine
The following courses of action could be taken.

1. Put in config.sys a line similar to the following
shell=C:\COMMAND.COM /E:1024
This assumes that command.com is on the root of drive C otherwise give
the full path eg:
shell=C:\Windows\COMMAND.COM /E:1024

2. Run a new version from the DOS prompt eg as follows:
c:\command.com /E:1024 <enter>
or c:\Windows\command.com etc if command.com is not on the root of C

This should create enough environment space"

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I would suggest you post this issue either in the dosbox-x github issues page, or in the dosbox-x development thread here on vogons. Typically the admins here don't like posts about other dosbox forks, outside their development thread.

DOSBox-X branch

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oh okay - - and here i was thinking finally for once i would be sure to actually make a post about dosbox and have it in the right area and referring to a dosbox build that has been recommended in other threads here --- d'oh - it is such an anxiety inducing thing to ever try and ask about dosbox settings and games here in these forums