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DOSBox version: 0.74
Frontend: D-Fend 1.4.4

So I'm running into issues with Jazz Jackrabbit. If I use OpenGL mode the game runs perfectly smoothly but there is bad screen tearing within the game. Normally I don't mind screen tearing in modern games, but it's too distracting for this game. I tried other renders modes like surface and overplay but they displayed the game choppy. I foudn that ddraw render mode works best. The game is silky smooth with zero tearing in the actual game. However now menus have a real bad stutter and transition screens between levels (where it shows the planet) lag. But actual game is silky smooth. Anyone have a solution for the main menu / level transition stutter?

Also is there anyway to add custom configuration settings into .conf files with D-fend or am I only stuck with the options available on the frontend? There is a custom settings option, but it only amends to the end of .conf file. For example there is no way to set doublescan to true in D-fend's frontend.

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I don't think there should be any stutter or other issues with JJ in DOSBox on any recent host PC.

I run the game (shareware version, Christmas/Holiday editions) with cycles capped at 26800 and it works well with output=surface:

cycles=auto 7800 100% limit 26800

But I don't use any frontends so I don't know how they mess up the games.

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A lot of people have trouble with vsync issues on DOSBox. It seems to be unclear what effects it.

For me I have to use output="surface" and doublebuffering="true", and then in my nvidia control panel I have to set ultra low latency to "off" or "on" but not "ultra". Forcing vsync in your graphics control panel might also help. Even then, I do occasionally get tearing but it's mostly smooth.

The SVN version of dosbox and other forks use SDL2, which while definitely not perfect, does seem to be designed with modern fixed pixel/refresh rate displays in mind. One of those builds might work better for you.