Test MIDI data for Munt (con't)

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Test MIDI data for Munt (con't)

Postby SatoriEnd » 2011-7-07 @ 02:34

Just stumbled across this thread.

Windows comes with several .mid files built in that can be used for testing (I already played with one of them and found a difference).

Simply go to:


There's two or three .mid files in the root folder there. Onestop.mid is kind of a default test.

Speaking of, currently when playing onestop and comparing it to MS's GS Synth I noticed that Munt seems to be missing either a channel or a sound (not certain which since I don't have tools to test). The GS Wavetable produces a bell sound in the first few seconds of the file that Munt seems to be missing.

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Re: Test MIDI data for Munt (con't)

Postby Gez » 2011-7-07 @ 19:22

The MT-32 is not just a synth, it's also a MIDI standard. One that predates the actual MIDI standard for synth specifications, called General MIDI.

General MIDI was not designed to be backward-compatible with MT-32 specs, so MT-32 files will not sound right on a GM synth; and GM files will not sound right on an MT-32 synth. (Which is a large part of why there's a need for MT-32 emulation: hardware capable of playing correctly MT-32 MIDI files is no longer being produced.)

The stock Windows midi files are for General MIDI, so of course they will not sound right on an MT-32.

The only meaningful test you could do with these files is compare how they sound with MUNT and how they sound with a genuine MT-32. Comparing to a GM synth like the MS wavetable one is always going to give you irreconcilable differences.
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