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It would also be useful if someone with a MIDI editing program could create some basic test files, including:

  • Volume tests (fades, hard cuts)
  • Tuning tests (master tune, individual instrument tune, chords)
  • SysEx patch tests (instrument uploads and playback)

Here are some locations to an abundance of test files, and some specific ones for testing:

From Soundfont Island:
Monkey Island 2

From Quest Studios:
Space Quest 3 (full with internal SysEx) MT-32 / MP3
Space Quest 4 (full with internal SysEx) MT-32 / MP3

More, from "Illusion City" (note, may be invalid, reference audio is from a CM-64)

I am uncertain of the state of SysEx on the Soundfont Island files.
For the Quest Studios files, individual songs come with external SysEx patches (if SysEx was used) or internal (built into the MIDI file) SysEx if it is a collection.

Yes, it’s my fault.

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For PC game MIDI music I like Lauras MIDI Heaven.

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Loom and MI2 from Soundfont Island sound correctly on my CM-500. MI2 definitely has an embedded sysex; Loom doesn't have one, but that's probably because it uses the default MT-32 timbres.

About external sysex files, there seems to be a problem with Munt. No sysex manager I tried will succeed in transmitting the patches. Results range from error messages like 'floating point division by zero' (SendSX) to plain crashes. Besides, some MIDI players like Kobarin's MediaPlayer seem unable to transmit embedded sysex to the virtual MT-32 driver without crashing, while others (Yamaha's MidRadio) won't complain.