Games with joystick problems with high cycle counts

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Re: Games with joystick problems with high cycle counts

Postby OSH » 2008-12-22 @ 00:07

rcblanke wrote:For me, Flying Corps Gold is playable using an USB joypad on DOSBox v0.72 when using timed emulation, with fixed cycles (auto cycles make calibration very hard). cycles=60000 work well here, 5000 is really WAY too slow, I really don't understand why you had that configured OSH?

No, no, I set this also over 50000. But I've read this topic, and saw, DOSBOX has problems with joystick calibration, when the ccycles are set too high (over 30000). 5000 cycles was set only for test purposes...Yes, over 50000 is this game playable. BUt this joystick calibration makes me angry...I can only wait for one, who will compile new version of DOSBOX, because I'm not a programmer...but I will be waiting :)
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