Invert Left/Right Audio Channels Stereo Sound?

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Re: Invert Left/Right Audio Channels Stereo Sound?

Postby James-F » 2016-10-24 @ 13:46

The discussion continues on this thread:
It is already confirmed that the SBPro2 CT1600 DSP v3.01 and v3.02 will always start a fresh PCM stream from the first left sample, no matter on what sample the last stream ended.
In other words, SBTEST will always play the Left channel in both tests on all revisions of the SBPro2 CT1600 cards.

It is confirmed that CT1330 Rev.05 and 06 behave exactly the same as CT1600, they play twice on the left channel.

CT1330A Rev.04 also behave exactly like CT1600.
DOSBox has the SBPro emulation reversed and the extra byte has not effect whatsoever on the real SBPro cards, only on the clones.
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