An adaptation to SDL 2.0 (Alpha-level Android build attached)

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Re: An adaptation to SDL 2.0 (Alpha-level Android build attached)

Postby NY00123 » 2018-12-22 @ 18:14

Thanks for the report and for getting the backtrace, testerson. Can you check out the updated patch?

Summary of changes for the attached patch:
- Compatible with r4178.
- Should actually use SDL_LockAudioDevice/SDL_UnlockAudioDevice in SDL 2.0 builds, instead of SDL_LockAudio/SDL_UnlockAudio. Seems to fix the reported segmentation faults (reproduced by testerson with Pinball Fantasies). This one has been somewhat tricky to figure out, for obvious reasons.
- Swapped the order of inclusions of <winioctl.h> and <ntddcdrm.h> in cdrom_ioctl_win32.cpp, so Mingw-w64 builds should be possible with the packages from Ubuntu 18.10. Applies to SDL 1.2 and 2.0 builds altogether, although *not* required for the stock DOSBox sources (probably since "cdrom.h" is included earlier, after applying the patch).
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Re: An adaptation to SDL 2.0 (Alpha-level Android build attached)

Postby 5schatten » 2019-1-02 @ 16:52

Thx for your SDL2 patch! Have you ever considered to melt your changes into this build or adopt these into yours? Right now I'm using this build but it's somewhat outdated. There are several DOSbox builds out there but none of them is either "feature complete", supports SDL2 or is based on a recent version. Also would it be possible to create a DOSbox repo on git or something similar to keep track of your changes?

best regards & a happy new year :-)
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Re: An adaptation to SDL 2.0 (Alpha-level Android build attached)

Postby bam » 2019-1-03 @ 18:37

Thanks @NY00123.
Have you tried to push your patches upstream?
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