INPUT - S3 Freak’s Keyboard Combination Patches (Ctrl + Break, Alt + Tab, Print Screen, etc.)

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INPUT - S3 Freak’s Keyboard Combination Patches (Ctrl + Break, Alt + Tab, Print Screen, etc.)

Postby s3freak » 2013-4-07 @ 17:25

All Ports

Credit to for the original patch, as I have extended this patch to include other combinations.

This patch will allow the use of Break, Ctrl + Break, Print Screen, etc. inside DOSBox games and other apps. I find this patch sufficient enough for DOSBox under Linux, but for Windows to use Alt + Tab, Ctrl + Tab and Alt + Esc, please see additionally the patch below.

Whilst using this patch, combinations such as Ctrl + F10 can still be intercepted by DOSBox to release the locked mouse. I have configured my keyboard mapper so that such DOSBox functions only function with the right Ctrl and Alt buttons. This is done by removing the key left ctrl and key left alt modifiers from Mod1 and Mod2 and saving it as a mapper file which is loaded via DOSBox.conf.

Also for Windows only

I have written this patch so that you can use low level keyboard combinations such as Alt + Tab, Ctrl + Tab and Alt + Esc within DOSBox games and other apps under DOSBox for Windows. This is especially useful if you are running Windows 3.1, 95, etc. inside DOSBox.

A setting named taskswitchlock under the SDL section controls this behaviour, which is disabled by default. Once enabled, then when you capture (lock) the mouse in DOSBox, the low level combinations are also captured. I use separate DOSBox.conf files for DOS games and other apps and Windows 3.1 where taskswitchlock is disabled for DOS but enabled for Windows 3.1.

As mentioned many times by the DOSBox authors, DOSBox is designed for DOS games more than other apps.

Use at your risk. Enjoy!
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