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VIDEO - 3dfx voodoo emulation (SDL1)

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Reply 100 of 104, by Genju

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Hm, thanks for the tip, but now I'm stuck with these errors:

../../../include\dosbox.h:25:1: error: unknown type name 'GCC_ATTRIBUTE' GCC_ATTRIBUTE(noreturn) void E_Exit(const char * message,...) GCC_ATTRIBUTE( __format__(__printf__, 1, 2));

/include\dosbox.h:32:9: error: unknown type name 'Bitu' typedef Bitu (LoopHandler)(void);

For what it's worth, I'm using msys2 x86_64 with the clang compiler.

Reply 101 of 104, by Serious Callers Only

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weird, it's applying fine on my ppa and it was built 3 days ago.

Applying patch /home/buildd/build-RECIPEBRANCHBUILD-2530369/chroot-autobuild/home/buildd/work/tree/recipe/debian/patches/voodoo_gl.diff
patching file include/GL/gl.h
patching file include/logging.h
patching file include/Makefile.am
patching file include/pci_bus.h
patching file include/video.h
patching file include/voodoo.h
patching file src/cpu/paging.cpp
patching file src/debug/debug_gui.cpp
patching file src/dosbox.cpp
patching file src/gui/sdlmain.cpp
Hunk #1 succeeded at 2693 (offset 11 lines).
patching file src/hardware/Makefile.am
patching file src/hardware/memory.cpp
patching file src/hardware/pci_bus.cpp
patching file src/hardware/pci_devices.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo.cpp
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_data.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_def.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_emu.cpp
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_emu.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_interface.cpp
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_interface.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_opengl.cpp
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_opengl.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_types.h
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_vogl.cpp
patching file src/hardware/voodoo_vogl.h

Reply 103 of 104, by Serious Callers Only

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There is a mistake found by the dosbox-core fork for retroarch on this patch :
https://github.com/realnc/dosbox-core/commit/ … 49b3d646d031541

There is also this but i suspect it's irrelevant for non libretro environments:
https://github.com/realnc/dosbox-core/commit/ … e623e6be20a8636

edit: or maybe not now that i think about it, if it was in the original, it can't be about the libretro api; confirmed it's a original bug.

Reply 104 of 104, by Yesterplay80

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I just applied those two fixes to kekkos part of kjliews combined patch. I'll update ECE with it when a new SVN comes out.


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