Adlib Diff & DRO Creation [Diff By Zeromus]

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Adlib Diff & DRO Creation [Diff By Zeromus]

Postby priestlyboy » 2004-10-20 @ 12:41

Since you can make DROs but I wanted to be able to edit them and such I needed to apply this diff patch (below) so that I could do that and it was coded by Zeromus. I would appreciate if it could be included as a general part of the CVS core.

It is suppose to fix some stuff with adlib

Dosbox 0.62 has slightly buggy adlib dumping code.
The problem is that it would lose some events every now and then.
Also, iirc, it did not output some initialization events such as OPL3-ENABLE.

If this patch isn't applied I can't use this tool to edit the DROs (none of DROs made by an unpatched version will get edited either)

More info and editing tools are here:

Please examine and approve so it will be in for DOSBox 0.63.
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