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Re: Multiple SVGA Chipset patch

Postby rcblanke » 2009-7-26 @ 14:07

I've got "Need For Speed Special Edition" configured with svga_et4000 to get the in-game video's working. "Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe" also requires et4000, or so I've heard :sly:
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Re: Multiple SVGA Chipset patch

Postby robertmo » 2009-8-01 @ 19:14

Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe is a strange game as it indeed works only with Tsend ET4000. I have tried in on a real computer and also only Tseng ET4000 worked (Trident, Cirrus failed).

When I run Need For Speed Special Edition with et4000 in dosbox it doesn't display the game properly (I only see left-top quarter of the screen, and mouse doesn't allow me to choose not visible parts of menu even with keyboard). This game is strange by the way as it properly plays the intro movies with svga_s3, while the same movie file is not being played properly in installator's video test.
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Re: Multiple SVGA Chipset patch

Postby kolano » 2010-12-27 @ 22:01

Is there any compiled version that implements the current SVGA patch (i.e. enabling videoram size to be set)? Many builds seem to have dropped it since most of it was integrated into source control.

I'd like to be able to run the higher resolution modes of the Rave screensaver. It's freeware, but I can no longer find an active link. It only recognizes Paradise video mode (though it appears to support Vesa), but only up to 640x480 resolution works with only 1m of video RAM.
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Re: Multiple SVGA Chipset patch

Postby wd » 2010-12-27 @ 22:55

sourceforge patch may have this as an addition if you really can't figure it out yourself
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