dosgame multiplayer problem

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Here are printscreens so its obvious.

IPXNET printscreens : We did this :
Arnold typed IPXNET CONNECT <IP>

Hamachi printscreens

We connected via Hamachi

Arnold typed IPXNET CONNECT <Hamachi network>

the host printscreens are made by hens
client printscreens are made by me (Arnold)





Greetz ARnold..

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Well, you've proven that you're capable of creating screenshots, and upload them to ImageShack. Well done! But you're failing at both giving relevant information about your problem (in the shots and in your posts), and describing it in understandable english. I'm not sure who's the one that should go back to school.

What MiniMax was trying to explain is that you first should test the basic connection with netcat. What you're trying to do is quite a complex task, and there are a lot of possible points of error involved - using netcat would have ruled out some of these points. By the way: wd's point is absolutely valid. If you've installed DOSBox (and Hamachi), you could install netcat as well. Every application has the potential ability to destroy your system, before a virus scanner has a chance of identifying the application as a malicious one. One could easily write a small program that formats your harddrive, pack it with an installer, and upload it to a shareware site.

Anway, i don't see a point on giving you a complete walkthough - maybe someone else feels like doing that. There are some tutorials about DOSBox multiplayer, and you'll find a lot of info on VOGONS.

A general advice would be to rule out possible problems one by one. For a start, try a connection via LAN. Invite your friend to your place, or use a second computer on your LAN, and try to setup DOSBox multiplayer. After that, try the same via the Internet. Don't use Hamachi, as it adds a layer of complexity to the whole thing. You don't need Hamachi for DOSBox netplay. Good luck.