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I've been looking everywhere for a good quality bomberman game that I can play with friends. The one I found, Mr Boom, is quite good. I've tested it over my home network, and it works fine. However, when I try to play with my friends over the internet using Tunngle, it lags terribly at the menu screen and then gives up, telling me that I have lost connection. I'm guessing it can't handle the lag, since it was meant for a local area network connection. Is there any way around this?
I've included a zip file for Mr Boom, with dosbox included. You can unzip it anywhere.
I've made conf files and shortcuts to try and make it user friendly. Note that I've made it so that it used port 1222 for ipxnet, since Tunngle blocks most of the ports underneath that.
So as you can probably guess, MRBOOMhostgame is for the host, MRBOOMjoingame is for anyone wanting to join. They'll need to specify an ip address and port 1222.
It'd be great to get this working 😁. 8 player bomberman is awesome 😀


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Well you've said it yourself, the problem is probably lag. I don't have the time to test the game, but there are factors that make me think you probably won't be able to get this working over WAN without lag:

- Too many network "layers". Windows TCP/IP -> Tunngle -> DOSBox IPX-over-IP -> Network/IPX drivers in DOSBox -> Game. Every "layer" adds complexity and (possibly) lag, and that's not even taking into account Network Hardware (Routers etc.), Firewalls, and other stuff running on your machines (IM, P2P, etc.).
- IPX was never designed for WAN with high latency
- The game seems to be Freeware (see here), so i guess it was coded by one person only. That person probably wasn't an expert in coding and optimizing network functions.

I'd look for a similar game native to your OS. If you can't find that you're probably out of luck. You could invite your friend to your place of course (; . Another solution would be to setup a Dial-In host and have the other player dial into that network by modem, but that's a very complex setup and could have it's own issues (modern modems with async speeds are not good at that type of application).

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Hmmm...seems like it can't be done then. Well, at least it'll be ready for the next lan *sigh*.
The quest for a simple, efficient lan and internettable bomberman continues...
Thanks for the reply 😀