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A new YANG v0.90 has been released, and can be downloaded @ http://yang-online.com :

Many DOS games can now be played online, taking advantage of DOSBox and its IPX Network emulation, using the "Custom DOS games" profile on YANG.

For games that don't support IPX networking, they can still be played if they support Null-Modem (Serial) connections. Games that require "netbios.exe" can also be played on YANG.

Furthermore, YANG supports in-game/lobby joining for games like Death Rally that allow players to join a game when it has already been started by the HOST.

YANG is not Windows-only. It can also be ran on the Mac OS X, along with Linux (tested on Ubuntu).

Players can advertise their game rooms on the rooms list, so that other players can see who is online waiting for a game so they are able to join them.