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So, I've spent all night trying to get this right and I've followed maybe four different "tutorials" on how to do this and I've come up with nothing. So, Here's the situation. I have two computers that I'd like to connect somehow in order to play Duke Nukem 3D. I've already dowloaded EDuke32 (although, I'm still not sure why) because somebody told me to. I plan on hooking the computers using ethernet cables. Currently, they are both hard wired to my AT&T router. The one I want to use as the Master computer is a desktop with Windows XP on it. The slave computer is a laptop with Windows 7. I have a third desktop with Windows 98 on it. Ideally, Id like to have them ALL hooked up, but that third one is a 1998 Gateway GS-350 and I'm not sure if it's possible to add it.

I'm going to be using DosBox for the two computers. So, how can I make this happen? I tried changing the code on the serial line for nullmodem (I was following some tutorial). I don't even remember what I did, now but I changed it all back.) I tried changing the IP addresses on the Master and Slave computers. When I try tunneling the Slave computer, it says it fails all the time.

How do I do this right? Do I need a serial cable? I also can't diferentiate on these people's tutorials if I'm supposed to type in exactly what they have, or my computer's IP address or the IP address that DosBox is showing me on the Master computer.

What am I doing wrong? Somebody, give me clear and simple instructions (as though I know next to nothing about computers) on how to do this. Thanks.

P.S. When I run "Car Builder" on DosBox, I can't save anything. I put in the Mount lines "Mount C C:\Oldgames -freespace 100. It doesn't work. I changed it to 10000 to see if that helps, doesn't.

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1. Get both computers connected to either the internet or an Ethernet-based LAN, which you've planned already.

2. Get the master computer to run DosBox with the following extra autoexec parameters:
ipx true
ipxnet startserver
commit (assuming Duke3D's directory is already set)

3. Get the slave computer to run DosBox with the following extra autoexec parameters:
ipx true
ipxnet connect (whatever the ip of the master/server computer is)
commit (assuming Duke3D's directory is already set)

That should be about it, though you might want to replace "commit" with "setup" and launch a Network Game from there, in case you don't remember the multiplayer command line parameters. Just figure out the correct IP.

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