IPX Dosbox + SoftXPand Duo Pro

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IPX Dosbox + SoftXPand Duo Pro

Postby arschul » 2015-2-17 @ 18:00

Hey guys,

I'm struggling here, need some help...

I've bought a license for SoftXPand Duo Pro, which gives me the ability to have two computers running on the same PC (add an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse and there you go). I set virtual IP and everything went smooth. Workstation 1 has its IP and so does Workstation 2. Downloaded DosBox on each machine and on number one I ran the command IPXNET STARTSERVER. On machine 2 I ran IPXNET CONNECT <ip>. When I run IPXNET STATUS it shows for machine 1 that the server is fine but no clients are connected. As for machine 2 it is the opposite. It shows it is connected but the server is not available.

Machine 1 status:

Server Status: Active
Client Status: Disconnected

Machine 2 status:

Server Status: Inactive
Client Status: Connected at <ip>

My configuration follows: (the virtual IP is disabled on SoftXPand only so it's easier to read the screenshot as it grays out when selected)


The image is not complete, on the right side I have set two IPs .11 and .12

Any thoughts?
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Re: IPX Dosbox + SoftXPand Duo Pro

Postby Lo Wang » 2016-2-20 @ 23:24

I'm thinking maybe something related to the firewall. What does PING show for IPXNET connectivity?

Never used SoftXPand so I don't know what else could be getting in the way.
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Lo Wang
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