IPX Problem

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IPX Problem

Postby DOSBOXER101 » 2015-4-07 @ 07:18

Hello everyone

I use the Ubuntu Dosbox, and I try it out in multiplayer. However, when I type in ipxnet startserver, then it says "IPX Tunneling Server failed to start. Try port # 1024". I try that, and it works fine. I tried it next on another computer, with ipxnet connect, and it said server address not specified. What is the server adress for port 1024? Thanks.
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Re: IPX Problem

Postby Sammy » 2015-4-07 @ 07:32

Server Adress is the IP of the PC where you use ipx startserver.

maybe you need for the ipx connect command: the ip of the Server and the Port 1024.
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