DOSBox Multiplayer Thru EvolvE

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DOSBox Multiplayer Thru EvolvE

Postby RetroWolf92 » 2015-12-07 @ 21:24

If anyone's interested, you can add me on Evolve, my name there is "HellBlade64". I've tested it and it works perfectly. The VPN ip changes sometimes, so just know that the port is always 2024. VPNs are soooooo useful for IPX-Based multiplayer.

Games I'll play with EvolvE:

Doom ---> Ultimate/2/Final/Megawads
One Must Fall 2097
Rise of The Triad\Extreme
Warcraft 1\2
Blood\One Unit Whole Blood
Duke Nukem 3D (As well as it's expansions)

and that's pretty much it, I'm open to suggestions though! So if there's a game you love that's not there, I'll get it!

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