Dedicated NULLMODEM server (TcpLobby)

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Dedicated NULLMODEM server (TcpLobby)

Postby curlyboi » 2016-5-22 @ 11:39


so I just opened this account to share a tool I have developed to work with DOSBox nullmodem feature.
It is a dedicated server which will wait for a connection on port of your selection and whenever someone
connects, it will accept it.

It will automatically pair new users by the order of their connection. Example scenario:
- User1 connects
- User2 connects
- System pairs User1 and User2 as if they were directly connected by serial cable

More complex scenario:
- User1 connects
- User2 connects
- System pairs them up
- User1 disconnects
- User3 connects
- Systems pairs User3 with User2

In DOSBox you can have both users type SERIAL1 NULLMODEM PORT:whatever123 is the address of your TcpLobby server.

You can also supply 2 command line parameters to the exe: local IP and port. If you specify them, listening
will start immediatelly without user intervention.
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