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We have a mix of Windows 98 and Windows XP systems we use to play older games. Where we stumble is when we want to play something that we need DOSBox to play.

We can get all of the XP machines to connect via DOSBox's IPX, but that's a virtual IPX network, and the 98 systems can't connect natively, and there's not a version of DOSBox (unsurprisingly) for Windows 98.

From searching through the forums, it appears there used to be a DOSBox build that permitted you to connect a system running native IPX to the DOSBox IPX network, but the links I can find there no longer work.

Is there a way to connect a IPX game on a Windows 98 machine to the IPX network created by DOSBox?

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All official versions of DOSBox work on Windows 95+. non-official versions do not due to them being compiled with newer versions of Visual Studio that do not support 9x.

If you don't want to use DOSBox IPX then you'll need to compile a build of DOSBox with the NE2000 patch.

Use my guide if you want to compile the latest version of DOSBox SVN for 9x using mingw. It does not include patches yet but that's easy compared to everything else.
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