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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby candle_86 » 2018-7-07 @ 21:06

well I went LCD in 2011 when my CRT died lol
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby Vipersan » 2018-7-08 @ 15:41

Sorry to hijack the thread..
but since I no longer own a crt monitor other than composite in for my Commodore stuff ...and wanting a 4:3 aspect with reasonable screen real estate ..I just bought a used HP Compaq LA1951g LCD/TFT 19" monitor ..
any good for gaming etc ?
It didn't break the bank if it isn't what I need isn't a disaster.
but it was shown working with a good picture ..and I'm impulsive with the buy button.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby wiretap » 2018-7-08 @ 21:51

My last new CRT monitor purchase was a Samsung Syncmaster 955DF. I used it until 2005 when I donated it to my local high school for the kids to use for CAD work. (doh! should have kept it, haha) In 2005 at some point, I bought a Sony SDM-HS95P LCD monitor, which still works to this day and looks great. Ironically, I use it primarily for my retro PC build/test bench.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby elod » 2018-7-12 @ 18:31

Bought my first and so far last CRT in 2002ish. It's a Samsung 757NF and I still have it. We used it until 2010, along with an HP L2035 (4:3, 1600x1200) I bought secondhand in 2007 or so. After moving in 2010 I used the HP exclusively until late 2017 when I switched to a 27" 4k LG.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby Qjimbo » 2018-7-12 @ 18:42

Really depends on the use - for DOS and emulated games, CRTs look a lot better than LCD, with more depth and vibrant colour, and the best "pixel scaling" you can have. So if it's connected to a computer that will be running older games that run at lower resolutions, then definitely go with CRT if you can. CRTs also work very well for early 3D titles as they obscure how polygonal things can look as well. So even a 2004 computer may benefit from a CRT in the right circumstances.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby Skyscraper » 2018-7-12 @ 19:14

The oldest LCD I own that I could live with for day to day usage is the HP L2335 from year 2004.

These HP L2335 screens are (at least were) very common in Sweden because of the "Home PC through work" program Sweden was throwing money at from the late 90s and 10 years on because of "the importance of beeing at the forefront of the IT revolution". In practice you only payed about 20-30% of the price of the computer you got through the program with the goverment paying the Lion's share eventhough they had no say when it comes to what kind of computers that were on offer. Of course most computers made available through this program ended up beeing $5000 monster systems with screens to match, surprise, surprise...

Here is a review from 2005 when the price of the HP L2335 had come down to about $1000 so even Anandtech could be trusted with one...


CRT ---> 2004 ---> 1920*1200 IPS LCD

When it comes to retro tinkering and random testing purposes I tend to use 1280*1024 17" or 19" LCDs simply because they are easy to move around and easy to fit on a cluttered desk.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby schmatzler » 2018-7-12 @ 22:21

While I enjoy my retro computer that I've built over many months, one thing I certainly never look back to are clunky old CRT's.

I live on the fifth floor of a flat with no elevator and I really don't want to haul a heavy CRT monitor up the stairs.
Also, when I move out of this crappy living situation, I don't want to haul a CRT down these steps either.

Adding to that, I would probably need a desk with much more room. My current computer desk is still the one from my childhood and back in the day, 80% of the space was used by the CRT and I had to cram my keyboard into the tiny space in front of it. Never again.

Currently, I have two 1680x1050 LCD screens sitting next to each other and there's still a lot of room for a Model M, something to drink and a couple of snacks. :cool:

I only plan to replace one of the widescreens with a proper 4:3 LCD, because the 16:10 screens don't scale very well on some resolutions.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby ATauenis » 2018-7-13 @ 09:15

My cutoff point for CRTs is approx. 2002 year. At that point I've worked on a PC with LCD monitor for the first time. Many people used CRTs until ~2010, but it was due to money issues. None of completely new home or office PC builds was equipped with a CRT monitor since 2005-2008. Only I have equipped one netbook in 2011 with a SyncMaster 3Ne as the 11" 16:9 screen was too small for the user but 800x600x32x75 was enough to use even in Win7 at that time :) . Later in 2014 the user had been died, and the 3Ne had got again to me. :(

As I have place only for 2 monitors on the table at same time, I'm have installed on top of the table two monitors: a SyncMaster 151 for modern PCs and Apple Macintosh IIsi and a SyncMaster 3Ne for older (<2001) and especially for using with retro video cards with interlaced scan in 800x600 or 1024x768.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby RichPimp » 2018-7-17 @ 19:33

I stopped using a CRT monitor as my main in 2006 when I got a Dell E510 desktop w/ 19" LCD monitor combo. At the time, I was pretty blown away by the brighter colors and sharpness, plus the much smaller footprint. It wouldn't be until some time later that I learned more about fixed resolutions and why scaling looked so bad on a LCD. However, since at the time I didn't tend to step outside 1024x768 (native res) for anything, it largely went unnoticed.

Several years ago I picked up a 21" NEC MultiSync off Craig's List that I use for my DOS/Win 98 and Win XP computers. I have a large L-shaped desk, so I'm able to keep it on the corner section next to my dual flat panels that I use for my main desktop. My primary monitor now is a Dell GSync. Aside from lackluster color (it's a TN panel), I really like the GSync monitor. The low latency, 144Hz refresh rate, and GSync tech make gaming a dream compared to what it was on a standard LCD. However, for older games and especially anything designed for a low res 4:3 aspect ratio, nothing beats using a CRT. DOS games just don't ever look or feel right on anything else to me.
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Re: CRT Monitor Until when? Then LCD...

Postby KCompRoom2000 » 2018-7-17 @ 20:52

I used a CRT (Sony CPD-E240) as my main monitor until I got my first LCD on Christmas 2010, since then I've been using LCDs more often than CRTs on the majority of my machines.

I have a 17" Dell CRT on my desk for my two Windows 9x machines that are currently setup. Playing old PC games on a CRT is an enjoyable experience but sometimes I wouldn't mind using an LCD. I use a variety of different 15-17" LCD monitors on my temporary setup for when I want to play with my spare machines, the desk for that section is small so it's not like a CRT will fit, besides it's much easier for me (or anyone, really) to carry an LCD monitor as opposed to a CRT.

I will say that modern looking (i.e. XP-era and newer) systems do look nice when paired with LCDs.
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