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Some background for context, before asking the questions:
In general i have been more into graphics and programming than audio, but always cared to have good PC audio hardware.
This translates to my retro hobby as well.
So, i have plethora of SoundBlasters, ESSs, other sound cards, Sound Canvas, etc., but never investigated in depth all things MIDI - i was more into impulse/fast/scream tracker stuff back in the day.

Currently i rely on Sound Blaster AWE32 CT3890 and Sound Blaster 16 CT1750 (v4.05) to feed the SC.
It is there - it works - sounds great (well, 90'ies great, but that's the name of the game) .
Played with MIDI using few other sounds cards - there are good and bad things about each one of them.

Checked some threads around and it looks like people use Roland SCC cards for better MIDI experience.
Wonder if local experts can chime-in with more detail and outline the (practical) pros of it, if any ?
Hesitant to shell the $$$ to explore myself and potentially realize that it was not worth it, other than adding the cool factor to whatever retro rig is going to adopt the hardware.
In general i am less interested in one-off games of apps that may or may not benefit from it, for reference - i see WingCommander and Commander Keen names often tossed around, but more of the practicality of it across the board.


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The SCC-1 is the same as the SC55 and the SCC-1A is the same as the SC55 MkII. They do have intelligent mode MIDI as well so if you have an MT-32, MT-100 or a couple other ones that need intelligent mode they will be a good fit.

I don't see why having an actual card over the external unit would be any better unless you have a sound card with buggy MIDI or need intelligent mode and don't already have a MIDI card that has intelligent mode.

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depends on what you mean by experience, the SCC is just everything you need on one card... you already have a sound canvas so you're not gaining anything but convenience really.

what you could probably gain more from is a simple intelligent mode midi card that you can use with other modules as well.