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Hello everyone!

By any chance someone has the BIOS files for the Alaris COUGAR 486BL ? I would also need some more info on the BIOS chip type needed?
And in the end, I see it has a BGA CPU and a FPU. Can it run with these integrated chips only? 😀



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It also has a 486 socket, but if you want a regular 486 VLB board, please mail me your Cougar and I'll mail you a very nice 486 board with 3V support and all mod cons 😜

The Cougar exists to provide a platform to the IBM BL3 CPU, which is basically an insanely buffed clock-tripled 386DX to the point it can outperform most 486DX2-66 CPUs.

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I believe it came with MR Bios. Check the MRBIOS bundle on Vogons drivers.

http://vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=1 … menustate=33,30

Look for V075B481 / OPTI481

Full list is here:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vtPso … #gid=1164525554

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anunnak wrote on 2024-05-10, 17:25:

Hi! not goint to trade it, at least yet. I need the BIOS files to test it. Hope someone here can assist me 😀

I wasn't being serious, just trying to indicate what makes this board interesting. Using the Socket 2 for a 486, it's just an early 486 board with a relatively old, slow chipset. But it's one of the very few boards with the BL3 and about the only one for generic AT systems. It's a complete waste to use it for a socketed CPU.

This chipset is supported by MR BIOS, which is by far the best BIOS out there, but originally it had an AMI BIOS. I have an Alaris Leopard (its sister board with IBM SLC2, the fastest 386SX) and installed the MR BIOS and never looked back. See douglar's link for the one you need.

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anunnak wrote on 2024-05-11, 11:40:

Btw, do i need to install IBM specific memory with 5 v?

72p SIMMs are almost always 5V. The board is a bit picky, it requires parity (x36, so 3 or 9 chips, not 2 or 😎 and doesn't like double-sided SIMMs, so you should use only 1, 4 or 16MB SIMMs.

See the manual-ish thing here: https://theretroweb.com/motherboard/manual/32079.pdf