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Wanting to pimp my SCSI dual P3 Win2k build and free up some storage space, I decided to install a NOS SCA SCSI enclosure I had lying around.

According to the box it's an Enlight DM001, but there's nothing identifying brand or model on the device itself. In my AHA29160 BIOS it shows up as "Enlight EN8983" on ID5 and in device manager it's an 'other device', "Enlight EN8983 SCSI Processor device".

Now, despite the question mark in device manager, any SCA SCSI disks I insert into there seem to be working fine. What is not working though, is the monitoring. The enclosure has two temperature-controlled fans. They seem to do what they should - spin up at full speed on power up, then when temperature is observed to be below a certain threshold they cut out. At which point a red LED starts flashing and a beeper starts urgently beeping loudly. Then the fan spins up again and all is well - until it cuts out once more.

Clearly something is malfunctioning or incorrectly configured here. Challenge is that there was no documentation in the box and I can't find anything on this device online either. Zero hits on DM001, zero hits on EN8983. Enlight's website is archived on archive.org, but despite navigating my way through abominable flash-fests, I only found one mention of a "DM0012" on October 29th 2005 and that linked to a dead/unarchived page. Googling on SCA drive bays and in particular SCSI SAF-TE (supported by the enclosure) indicated that the "SCSI Processor device" could be a GEM318 chipset, which commonly popped up in Device Manager under Win2k as Other Device and could be cosmetically 'fixed' with a null driver. I found and tried several such drivers from Dell, Toshiba and HP, but they did not remove the question mark. However it's likely that's not the problem anyway as the driver doesn't actually do anything.

So - anyone heard of this device, or have any suggestion how to stop the beeping short of physically disabling the speaker?

The latter is my plan B - I'm not going to be running this with more than one HDD in the enclosure and will not do anything mission-critical anyway, and the fans themselves are doing exactly what they should.