Throttle CD-ROM drive speed in DOS?

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Re: Throttle CD-ROM drive speed in DOS?

Postby elianda » 2017-2-28 @ 19:15

For the planned TSR implementation:

Wouldn't it be easier to hook DOS program start / end INTs to resend the command?

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Re: Throttle CD-ROM drive speed in DOS?

Postby 0kool » 2018-6-10 @ 14:23

Mau1wurf1977 wrote:IT WORKS!!!
Slowing down fast / modern CD/DVD drives
The drive I am using is a 22x Samsung IDE DVD Writer:

It's very fast, which is great for installing software, but there are 2 issues:

- The drive is noisy
- Worse is the spin-up / spind-own pauses


Oh wow, the solution is brilliant. Thanks Phil!
Works like magic with my old (2002) Samsung CD-RW 40-12-40! 4x-speed in pure DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 confirmed.

The link for the driver is dead by now, but you can easily find it online by "atapicd teac" - only teac_cdi.sys is required.

To put it in a fewer lines than "old Phil" did: you just have to replace my beloved oakcdrom.sys with teac_cdi.sys in config.sys with an additional /S:4 key for 4x speed or whatever you wish it to be.

I'll be over the moon if it works with most of the other brand drives :happy:.
Feels like a huge upgrade!
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