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For the planned TSR implementation:

Wouldn't it be easier to hook DOS program start / end INTs to resend the command?

Hotkey Input is quite difficult to manage in DOS, especially for all Protected Mode games.

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I stumbled upon this thread today while searching the forums for something else and decided to try cdbq out. I'm happy to report that it works perfectly on my Lite-On SOHD-16P 16x DVD drive. With the -s600 parameter, the drive is now completely silent while playing Command & Conquer in DOS, a game which constantly loads music and cinematics from the disc. Without using cdbq, the drive sounded like a vacuum cleaner in this game.

Big thanks to Locutus for making such an excellent utility!

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Somehow I have been a member here for a while, and missed this thread! Both the cdbq and the teac drivers look like manna from the heavens! I was just mentioning this was my biggest pet peeve once we got past the 4x-8x cd era. Can't wait to try them out.

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Just acquired two DVD-ROM drives from Pioneer, because I like the slot-in mechanism they use.

  • Pioneer DVD-120S
  • Pioneer DVD-A06S/106S

Sorry to report that they don't support the CD speed ATA command which CDBQ sends to them. They'll happily accept it, but then ignore it.

BUMMER, Pioneer!

Otherwise these drives are pretty great, but they get awfully loud when playing games from CD.

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