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What would one need one of these for ?
Any particular importance to retro machines in any way, or keeping new ones fresh for longer ?

From the descriptions I assume they partly offer some protection against 'something', but clueless as to what and why...

Or, even add slots you didn't know was possible to have, on your motherboard...

And THESE look kinda interesting... heh 😁 :

But I guess they will not do plug'n'play....(?) 😢

- Any tech savvy guru that may have a few pointers here ? 🙄

...oh well, just me poking around on the old w w w.


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The contact durability (nice word the translator found 😉 ) of the bus connectors is limited, so if you switch cards more than like a hundred times these prevent your cards connectors from wearing out. It won't fit in normal computer cases though...

The other thing is a hardware platform for developers. From their description you can't just use it as adapter from PCI to ISA as you need to write a driver for it.