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So I decided (as I beleive I mentioned previously) to put my SL2C system back together. It has the 66Mhz IBM SL2C (which, from what I can determine, it's a really fast 386 with a big L1 cache, but still has a 16Bit copro). I plan to make this a non plug and play DOS (No windows) machine. It has two VLB slots. One has the I/O card, the other the video card. I'm replacing them both. Is there any concievable reason I would need more than 1MB of video ram on the video card? Any card suggestions?

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1MB is good for 3 pages of 640x480x8, 2 pages of 800x600x8 and one page of 1024x768x8. Or one page of either 640x480x16 or 800x600x16.

Some games like to have at least two pages so they can do double buffering.


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Multiply screen width, screen hight and bit depth in bytes (8 = 1, 16 = 2 etc) and you get the amount of video memory you need. Double and tripple buffering demand 2 or 3 times more memory.

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