Sound Blaster PCI128

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I had a card that looked like that one once, and I found good drivers for it on Gateway's website. Some of those early 128s were just relabled Ensonic cards and the drivers on Creative's site don't always work with them. They only seem to work with the later 128s that were really small cards with no joystick port or at the very least, a pink colored mic port instead of black or red ones. I'll try and see if I still have a link to the Gateway drivers.

Hmmm..I believe it was this one even though the description says ES1370 chip.

support.gateway.com/support/drivers/get ... =265612722

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Does the chip on the card say ES1370?

I had him try the original Ensoniq AudioPCI drivers that are on E-Mu's site, but they didn't work apparently. Could have been missing the device id.

Creative can be such a pain in the ass.