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bushwack wrote:

I can remember there was a SIS chipset at one time that the Voodoo3 was incompatible with. Been 10 years ago so I can't remember which one.

Might have been a s370 sis chipset? afaik there are no socket 7 sis boards that actually have an AGP slot. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If it's a pci voodoo 3 then I'll mention I never heard of this particular incompatibility issue.

You got 10 voodoo 3's? Niiice! I know I got a couple but if I have 5 then I'll already be happy 😀
Even so, I always try to find voodoo 3's for a nice price whenever I'm doing some 'computer browsing'.

Anyway, I know setting up a system with a voodoo 3 has many advantages over setting up one with a 3d add-on card, but it sure was fun building and later playing the entire unreal campaign on my GA-5AX + k6-3-400 with a voodoo 2.
I just wanted to use a voodoo 1/2, just to have a system with one of those legendary 3d add-on cards 😁
Later on I build another system, PGA BX, celeron 800 and an AGP voodoo 3 (+ vortex 2 soundcard) to play the entire unreal campaign again, but then in hard mode 😁

Edit: I do have an AGP card in my GA-5AX though (in spite of all the AGP horrors I read about them left and right). I added an AGP txt2 vanta, which is in essence a downclocked M64. 16MB ram and doesn't even have a heatsink!
Even though I'll have to admit I never used that card for anything performance wise but, since this card uses so little power, I figured it would likely not cause any problems related to the 'early AGP power' problem.

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swaaye wrote:
I like Voodoo3 because: […]
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I like Voodoo3 because:

1) all-in-one and very fast at all of it
2) doesn't mess up 2D quality because no passthru cable
3) it has fantastic analog signal quality (as good as it gets IMO)
4) run any resolution

I ran a Voodoo3 2000 PCI in a 486 once. 😁

There's no reason to wonder if you're running "overkill". Who cares? You shouldn't be in search of bottlenecks.

V3 is my favourite too for all the above reasons plus:

5) doesn't take up valuable pci slots, or if its a pci version than only takes up 1 slot
6) VERY overclockable
7) cheap as chips