Creative Waveblaster ct1900 value?

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Re: Creative Waveblaster ct1900 value?

Postby j^aws » 2018-2-10 @ 01:51

Also, there's the CT1900s big brother - the E-MU SoundEngine, which has both reverb and chorus. Also, you can chain two together with MIDI Overflow and double its polyphony to 64.
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Re: Creative Waveblaster ct1900 value?

Postby cskamacska » 2018-2-10 @ 18:23

Radical Vision wrote:You can also look in ebay, after all there people put some insane prices..

Its a general trend now, that any and all "retro" postings cary a huge markup.

Found a bunch of EDO SIMMs in a literal dumpster? Better posts them babies on eBay for more than DDR4 sticks cost! Working pull you see, but with no warranty. They worked somewhere down the road..

Also im very sure there are people buying up stuff locally for next to nothing then posting it on eBay for anything them western bourgeoise scum will pay for them. As in sell their family into slavery if need be. Before, there was simply no discernible reason to ship a random MVP3 Socket 7 across the globe for 50-60 dollars postage with almost the same price tag of a local tech pawn shop buyemall. Now with the shipping cost dropping, and a global cult fandom of Socket 7 emerging its rewarding indeed to buy up all the boards and sell em high to anyone and everyone but the yocals.
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