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I've been presented with an old iMac G3 (tray-loading) a while ago, and started to play around with it again recently. I'd like to install a recent Linux distro on the machine, and read in various howtos that a firmware update is recommended. The machine has Ubuntu installed, I don't own any MacOS versions to install, but I know for a fact that the machine has been running OS X (!). Is there a way to find out which firmware is installed without running MacOS?

I'm a PC person, so my Mac-related knowledge is virtually non-existant (; .

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If the machine is running OS X, go into the System Profiler by going to the Apple menu>About this Mac>More Info> and check the Boot ROM version on the Hardware tab.

If it's a Tray loading iMac G3, chances are it's got the most up to date firmware (1.2) as I think it was required to run OS X. My Bondi Blue 233 is packed up right now so I can't tell you that for sure, but thats where that information is on my Slot load iMac and my Macbook.

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