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Re: VOGONS Driver Library

Postby xjas » 2019-7-18 @ 21:44

Just added the Win95/98 drivers for a bunch of M-Audio USB MIDI devices. These took a bit of legwork to track down; I tend to think if I need something like this, somebody else will too, so here they are.

FYI: M-Audio's "Legacy" driver support on their website only goes back to XP SP3.
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Re: VOGONS Driver Library

Postby keenmaster486 » 2019-7-18 @ 21:53

How about the Powerleap CPU Control Panel software version 5? Has more features than version 4 currently on the site. Also it is somewhat difficult to find.
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Re: VOGONS Driver Library

Postby RoyBatty » 2019-7-24 @ 10:43

I tossed up some discs here https://drive.google.com/open?id=10R2n1 ... 9A03QWLoZN

Grab what you want and add to vogons what you want, I'll take them down in a week or so and post some more.

I'll be uploading all to archive.org as well when I scan the discs.

I do not have serials for the bundled software that is on some of them, so don't bother asking.
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Re: VOGONS Driver Library

Postby FluffyBunnyFeet » 2019-8-07 @ 17:37

files and instructions for enabling SMP support on OS/2 Warp 4.52. i've tested it on my dual p233 system and OS/2 detects two processors on boot. all credit goes to Timo Maier for instructions on how to do this.
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