what hardware were you using in 1999?

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Used my dad's old Compaq prolina while he had a PII system. Ended up in a landfill, but I kept the HDD.
i486DX/2 66MHz
Unknown video, I knew it did 1024x768x256 (maybe cirrus logic?)
Creative AWE32Value
Windows 95
120MB Seagate HDD
some random quad speed CDROM
it's been so long since I've had a compaq 486

IBM PS/2 8573-121 386-20 DOS6.2/W3.1
IBM PS/2 8570-E61 386-16 W95
IBM PS/2 8580-071 386-16 (486DX-33 reply) OS/2 warp
486DX/2 - 66/32mb ram/256k cache/504mb hdd/cdrom/awe32/DOS6.2/WFW3.11
K6/2 - 350/128mb ram/512k cache/4.3gb hdd/cdr/sblive/w98

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coppercitymt wrote:

Title says it all, what hardware were you using in mid 1999?

Would a PII 266Mhz still be considered a good PC for games in that time frame?

I had one computer at that time.

Gigabyte GA-5AX.
K6-II-500 mhz.
AGP-TNT2 16 megabyte passive cooler.
128 Megabyte PC-100.
8 Gigabyte HDD.
Sound Blaster PCI-128.
Acer 8-4-2 CD-RW burner.

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Compaq 5242:
K6 400
64mb Ram
Onboard ATI Rage AGP (4MB)
8GB HDD (I think it was 8GB)
Forgot the onboard sound

Was a great comp. Played DVDs fine, and went well with 256MB of ram and Voodoo 4 4500. Voodoo 4 was a huge upgrade; no joke! Onboard 4mb Rage slowed down with Resident Evil 2. Onboard Rage was the biggest weakness.

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I used my P166MMX/P200MMX pretty long, like from 1996ish till 2002ish because i was poor that time around.
I can't write the complete Specs down because i can't remember.
Mainboard: Gigabyte???
CPU:166MMX or 200MMX, i got the 200MMX CPU from a trash PC but can't recall if that was before or after 99
RAM: 8-64MB
HDD: 250MB i think
GC: Some Cirrus Logic then a Matrox Mystique also from the trashed PC
SC: SB16 with all the different CD connectors for Sony, Mitsumi and so on and a DB50XG(Still working and rocking in a Miditemp DoxBox)
OS: DOS(I think i started with DOS) to Windows 2000
A Colani Tower from Vobis Highscreen the residue of my first own PC a P60
Also i think in 99 i got my first DVD drive it was the Creative Pack it was called Encore or something like that and came with the Mark Hamill Wing Commander part on DVD

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Solarstorm wrote:
http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/94/30/7c/94307c3f4379781848f5b385eaa30bf2.jpg […]
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I really like that case. Well...
It just reminds me of something from the 70's or something like that. (muscle cars perhaps?)

Don't eat stuff off a 15 year old never cleaned cpu cooler.
Those cakes make you sick....

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This was my first Computer and not a shared family computer. When I got it I started my obsession with upgrading 😀

AMD K6-2 400mhz
PC Chips M577 Super Socket 7 Motherboard
96mb RAM (Later upgraded to 192mb, then 256mb)
Creative 32mb Riva TNT2 M64 AGP
15Gb Maxtor IDE Hard Drive, 4.3Gb Hard Drive
Creative Sound Blaster Live!
Phillips 4x CD-RW Drive (CDRW404)
Windows 98, Later bought the ME Upgrade.

Just found a terrible photo, the only one I have inside on a terrible Digital Camera 😀
Its a little tight inside 🤣 I remember having to get the PCI Cooler to extract some of the heat from the case.


Cyrix Instead Build, 6x86 166+ | 32mb SD | 4mb S3 Virge DX | Creative AWE64 | Win95
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brostenen wrote:
Solarstorm wrote:
http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/94/30/7c/94307c3f4379781848f5b385eaa30bf2.jpg […]
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I really like that case. Well...
It just reminds me of something from the 70's or something like that. (muscle cars perhaps?)

Yeah, that Colani guy still kinda stuck in that time periode. 😁
He made some crazy designs

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In 1999? Likely our first computer still. Which was an Acer minitower from oh... I want to say 1994 that had a 75MHz Intel Pentium processor, 8MB RAM, 1MB Cirrus Logic GPU, Acer Magic audio card of sorts, and Windows 3.1. Probably shortly after 1999 or 2000 is when some of dads friends upgraded it to Windows 98SE. Which I kinda hated since all of our games were on Windows 3.1 😵

Oh yeah... and I do believe it had a 850MB harddrive as well.

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I personally still only owned this :

512kB TVGA9000B ISA
340MB hard drive
Sound Blaster 2.0
DOS 6.2 / WfW 3.11

So I was mostly using the family computer in 1999 :

Pentium II/350
8MB ATi Rage Pro
8.4GB hard drive
Aureal Vortex (AU8830?)
24x CD drive
Windows 98

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Back in 1999 I was using an Intel Pentium MMX 233 with a creative sound card as my main machine to play SEGA and Nintendo ROMs. I was dreaming of buying a quality machine to play Ultima 9...........

=My Cyrix 5x86 systems : 120MHz vs 133MHz=. =My 486DX2-66MHz=

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Built this computer early 1998

Pentium II 300 "Klamath" (upgraded to Celeron 566 "Coppermine summer 2000 running at 850MHz)
Asus P2L97 (upgraded to Asus P3B-F late December)
160MB RAM (think I upgraded to 288MB during 1998)
ATI Rage Expert@Play 8MB AGP (upgraded to Creative GeForce DDR 32MB late December)
6,4GB Seagate Medalist Pro
Sound Blaster AWE64 value
Creative 2x DVD-ROM drive
Creative DXR2 decoder card
Enlight miditower
Some 250W or 230W PSU
Windows 98SE (I also used some of the Windows NT 5.0 betas, don't remember if I used Windows 2000 Pro final before 2000)

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Can't remember specifically what the family computer had in it, but my personal computer in 1999 was a Cyrix 6x68 MII-333 with 32MB of RAM (or was it 64MB?), an S3 Virge graphics card, a sound card with an ESS Audiodrive chip on it, and a 1.2GB Quantum Bigfoot. It also had a removable drive cage for moving a 4GB HDD between the family computer and my own. My OS of choice was Win95 OSR2.5.

I really loved that machine even though the processor was kinda crap (I didn't know that and didn't really care at the time!). It certainly did everything I wanted to do! 😀

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It was Celly 266, bought year before:

- PC Chips M729 BXCell chipset (renamed ALI M1621) in MidiTower AT case (250W PSU),
- Celeron 266 (without L2 cache) overclocked to 400Mhz,
- S3 Trio3D 4MB,
- onboard SoundPro audio (CMI8330)
- HDD 2.GB IDE (WD Caviar),
- Samsung 32x CDROM,
- Traxdata CDR4120 SCSI CD Burner + Adaptec 1542 ISA SCSI controller,
- Zoltrix 33kbit isa modem
- Windows 98

Motherboard works stable only with crappy GFX card and ISA SCSI. Better graphics card (what means Riva TNT) and/or PCI SCSI results in complete freeze (while in playing games, CD burning, etc.). I think onboard voltage regulator cannot provide enough 3.3V to supply PCI/AGP peripherals.

1) VLSI SCAMP /286@20 /4MB /TVGA9000C /CMI8330
2) i420EX /486DX33 /16MB /TGUI9440 /YMF718+GUS
3) i430HX /P233MMX /64MB /VirgeDX+3DFX /YMF701
4) i440BX /P II 400 /128MB /MX400 /SBLive!+Vibra16s
5) i865G /E5800 /2GB /Ti4200 /YMF724

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Hum, that was an interesting era 😀
I think I still had my trusty Pentium 120@133 back then... 64 MB memory, Matrox Mystique 2 MB videocard. Running Windows NT4, Win98SE and MS-DOS 6.22 in triple-boot config. SB Pro 2.0 and GUS MAX on board.

The PC my dad used at work was more interesting though... a real Pentium Pro 200 MHz. He later got to take it home, and I still have it. It is now my PowerVR PCX2-host, with Windows 98SE of course 😀 (Sadly no WinNT/2k/XP drivers for that card).

My brother had a Pentium II 333 MHz at the time. Still have that one as well. It runs Windows XP sp3, with an ATi Radeon 8500 card. It originally had a Matrox G200, but that card died. The Radeon 8500 is one of the last cards compatible with its primitive AGP slot.

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In mid-1999, our household was saturated with computers!

Our primary family computer was still the "Dream 486" minitower that I am currently attempting to rebuild. By 1999, I had upgraded it from its original 1995 state.
-QDI V4P895GRN/SMT Motherboard
-AMD Am486DX4-100 CPU
-64MB RAM (Upgraded from 16MB)
-VLB Multifunction I/O Controller for IDE, Floppy, Parallel, Serial & Game port
-Western Digital 4GB Hard Drive (Upgraded from a Conner CFA810A that had developed 120MB of bad sectors!)
-Trident TGUI9440 VLB Video Card
-Reveal SC-500 Sound Blaster Pro Compatible Audio
-56K Modem (Upgraded from 14.4K)
-56x CD-ROM Drive (Upgraded from 4x. This is the ONLY CD drive I've ever seen higher than 52x, even to this day)
-Travan-style IDE Tape Backup Drive (Still didn't work, but I never removed it)
-3.5in 1.44MB Floppy Drive
-Windows 98 Original (Upgraded from Windows 95)
-15in Eye-Q CRT Monitor
-HP DeskJet 400 Printer (Upgraded from an Epson FX-850 Dot Matrix)

Later that year, it died (I don't remember how), and got replaced by a cheap HP Pavilion 4530 (K6-2 350MHz, 32MB RAM, 4GB Hard Drive, Windows 98, don't remember the rest of the specs. It wasn't a bad computer, it was just extremely boring).

In 1998, I got my own laptop, a CTX EzBook 770MS-XJ, and used it quite heavily through about 2001 or so. It was the first sub-$1000 laptop my mom and I had ever seen.
-Intel Pentium MMX 200MHz
-1.6GB Hard Drive
-Trident GPU of some sort with 1.5MB dedicated video memory (Don't remember the exact chipset)
-12 inch DSTN LCD
-Onboard Crystal audio, don't remember the exact model
-14.4K PCMCIA Modem (It didn't originally come with a modem)
-Removable 20x CD-ROM
-Removable 3.5in 1.44MB Floppy
-Windows 95 OSR2.5
-Battery life of maybe 90 minutes tops (AWFUL!)

In 1997, my mom had bought an old Toshiba T3100 portable at a government auction for $20. I did briefly use it as a legitimate laptop before getting the CTX, afterwards it became more of a "just for fun" system. In 1999, I was actually using it as extra storage for the Dream 486 by connecting them with Interlnk and a LapLink cable.
-AMD 80286 8MHz
-640KB RAM
-20MB Hard Drive
-CGA graphics with special 640x400 monochrome high-res mode
-10-inch orange plasma monochrome display
-PC Speaker
-3.5in 720KB Floppy
-MS-DOS 6.22 (Upgraded from 4.01)
-No battery whatsoever

I don't remember if it was 1999 or not, but for a brief while in the late 90s I had a couple 486 computers I had gotten from the school to play around with. I don't recall most of the specs, just that one was a 66MHz minitower and the other was a 33MHz desktop with bad memory.

And to round off our 486 collection, my mom had purchased a GIGANTIC Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V desktop in late 1998 or so. Although not as big as the skyscraper that is the tower model, this thing was still huge. It also came with an equally-humongous 17-inch CRT and an enormous AnyKey keyboard. Oh, and did I mention how HEAVY all of these things were? We're talking easily in excess of 100 ̶s̶o̶l̶a̶r̶ ̶m̶a̶s̶s̶e̶s̶ pounds altogether. It was a beast! The only specs I remember are that it had a 486DX-2 66MHz, 12MB RAM and was running Windows 3.1, don't recall the DOS version.

Finally, in late 1997 my older brother had gotten himself a cheap Compaq for college, a Presario 2200. The form factor was cool, but otherwise it was a really crappy system. The name of the game for this system was "cheap cheap CHEAP", and boy did it show. $1200 for a package deal that also included a monitor and printer.
-Cyrix MediaGX 180MHz (AWFUL processor)
-16MB RAM (AWFUL memory)
-1.6GB Hard Drive (AWFUL hard drive)
-Onboard MediaGX graphics & audio (AWFUL graphics, mediocre audio performance, but AWESOME speakers)
-33.6K Modem
-8x CD-ROM
-3.5in 1.44MB Floppy
-Windows 95 OSR2
-Compaq V410 14in CRT Monitor (AWFUL monitor)
-Canon BJC-250 Printer (AWFUL printer)

That completes our "moment in time" look at the computers in our household as of 1999.

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I was using this gaming beast, although I probably was still rocking the SB AWE64 Gold and the Number Nine Imagine 128 Series II/Voodoo2 combo I had originally:
Stiletto's GhettoPC (TM)

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Hmmm... I think our family upgraded to a K6-233 by the end of '99, the computer that stayed the family PC until mid-2005:

AMD K6-233
32 or 64 MB of RAM
Dunno about the motherboard
Dunno about the HDD
Crappy Trident 3D AGP video card
Dunno about the sound card
US Robotics 56k modem
Windows 98SE
All in an Enlight case.

That one vintage computer enthusiast brony.
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Since 1997 until 1999 and I have it up and running until NOW in 2015 with some modifications!

Pentium 200MMX (Overclocked to 233)
64 Mb Ram (Now with 256Mb)
2 Mb Graphic card if I remember upgraded with the first Diamond Monster 3DFX and until now with the 16Mb Creative Banshee
Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Value and some how it broke. Years later I got the fabulous Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold in second hand and it is working in his full glory until now
14 inch Samsung Monitor already recycled
and the simple Mouse and Keyboard