Help needed reviving AST 486 motherboards

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Help needed reviving AST 486 motherboards

Postby SSTV2 » 2014-11-22 @ 02:15


I've recently received a bundle of old hardware parts and among it were two AST 486 motherboards (AST Premmia - with EISA slots and Bravo
LP), equipped with integrated SX-33 CPUs. Unfortunately, both motherboards had all electrolytic capacitors, some wires connecting ICS on
PCB (AST Premmia M/B) and jumpers stripped down. As far as i know, both M/Bs were working before the stripping. I've been searching for
high ress photos of these motherboards everywhere, but couldn't find any, even bad quality ones, therefore, I have no other choice, but to ask
for help on this retro computing forum.

At this moment i need to figure out:
* capacitor values (I think both motherboards should be using 22uF caps, but prove me wrong);
* missing wiring on Premmia motherboard. AST Bravo LP AST Premmia Premmia wiring0 (predicting) Premmia wiring1

I can see traces of the missing wires on PCB, but just partly.

I will update this thread on any progress.
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