Clock generators on Socket 7 and older motherboards

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I have a DFI 586 ITOX board with the ICS 9169CJ-27, it boots with the test setting. Unfortunately, the keyboard controller relies on the 24MHz signal. With the test setting this becomes REF/4 which is as low as 3,57Mhz. That signal os unfortunately not suitable for keyboard operation, so it stops working.

Does anyone have a workaround for this? If keyboard stops working then its really not a useful setting.

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Hello everybody,

my name is Jarek, I'm new on Vogons and I have some piece of information that I'd like to share with you and preserve it for posterity 😉

MX8310-15PC is the subject.

I have been looking for a clock generator chip for which also the datasheet would be available and as it turns out it's not that easy. However, I just happen to have this no-name 486 motherboard that utilizes MX8310-15PC and I was lucky to buy a lot of 10pcs on Aliexpress for darn cheap! Implementation on the mentioned motherboard is looking very similiar to the MX8315 for which I could find the datasheet, so I thought it wouldn't be so hard to reverse-engineer it.

Below are pictures of the mentioned motherboard, my test circuit as well as the schematic drawn from the motherboard and measured by me clock frequency settings. I also attached datasheet of the MX8315. Enjoy! 😀