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Postby creepingnet » 2018-4-09 @ 15:17

That very last Fliptop looks like a flip-top version of the Kingspao Model 35. I've had 3 PC's with those thus far (the non-Fliptop version)...

1992 Flight 386 SX (which I put a ZEOS 486 Motherboard into, the original "Creeping Net 1" or first PC I did a lot of hardware building/tinkering on in 2001-2011)

1994 CAT Computers 486 (Was my main 486 system 2007-2012)

The third was a Pentium 233 MMX system I built out for my mom in 2004. She used that thing for 10-12 years before replacing it with an HP. It may even still be at her house - I dunno. Had a 80GB HDD and 128MB of RAM, Running Windows 98 SE on a ATI Rage II Graphics card and a 17" KDS CRT.
My DOS Boxen
85' Tandy 1000(a)- 8088/4.77, 640K, 8gb XT-IDE, TGA, 3-voice
89' GEM 286 - 286/12 w/287, 6MB, 1GB SCSI, 2XCD-ROM, ET-4000 1MB, SB Pro2
Creeping Net 486 - 486DX4100 WB, 128MB, 512K L2, 15GB+40GB, S3 809 2MB VLB SVGA, SBAWE64
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