Let's benchmark our systems with caches disabled

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Re: Let's benchmark our systems with caches disabled

Postby clueless1 » 2018-2-01 @ 02:50

Baoran wrote:I added some benchmark results to the bottom of the spreadsheet. One reason why I started testing the system was because I wanted to know how much graphics card really matters when you have disabled caches. That is why there is double tests with 2 different graphics cards.
Basically that trident graphics decelerator turned my 486 into a 386 when it comes to most games. I think using a slower graphics card can be used to fine tune system speed when trying to run old games.
I used bios default settings with the tests.

Thank you! It's great to see actual results comparing VLB vs ISA with caches disabled. I'm a little surprised that there's as much difference as there is at the slowest speeds. Even though the synthetic benchmarks don't really show it, Doom does. Good work, Baoran. When I get a chance, I'll create a separate tab for your results. You're welcome to do it too if you get to it before I do.
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Let's benchmark our systems with cache disabled
DOS PCI Graphics Card Benchmarks
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Re: Let's benchmark our systems with caches disabled

Postby Baoran » 2018-2-01 @ 15:46

Since I used bios default when doing those benchmarks. I also did 2 sets of benchmarks when changing memory timings in bios to see what is slowest and fastest the system can do. The bios auto default most likely chooses something between those.

Trident 9000A and slowest memory timings and Turbo+L1+L2 disabled:
3dbench: 1.1 fps
Pcpbench: 0.3 fps
Speedsys: 1.48
Doom: 171879 realticks

Tseng ET4000/W32P and fastest memory timings:
3dbench: 27.7 fps
Pcpbench: 5.9 fps
Speedsys: 12.47
Doom: 5252 realticks

I didn't put them in the spreadsheet because I thought it isn't really about changing bios settings to improve or lower the performance. I mainly just wanted to see how close I can get to something like 4.77Mhz performance.
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