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So I just received a Dell Latitude CPi from a friend, with a Pentium II running at 366 Mhz AFAIK and 256MB of EDO RAM running Windows 98SE in a 40GB hard drive.

The weird thing about it is its sound.

So the sound hardware is a "NeoMagic MagicMedia 256", or that's what Windows says it is. It works fine under Windows, but when I try to play a MIDI file or use it under DOS, it'll not be detected, even when "Soundblaster emulation" is enabled.

FYI, the BIOS is locked under an unknown password, so I can't change its settings. To remove the password either requires calling Dell, or doing a risky shorting of two pins of the BIOS chip.

EDIT: Well it looks like trying to make this work under DOS is an exercise in futility, so I'll use this machine instead for general Windows 9x use, along with 2D Windows gaming, since the laptop's video chip does not support 3D acceleration.