The dying Quantum Bigfoot

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Re: The dying Quantum Bigfoot

Postby jaZz_KCS » 2018-2-04 @ 10:42

Seconded. I had a lot of old Quantums and Conners leaking out oil in grand fashion. And you don't want to have that on your planar. They are ticking time bombs.
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Re: The dying Quantum Bigfoot

Postby clueless1 » 2018-2-04 @ 12:10

I have a couple of Bigfoot drives with low POH and zero bad sectors. They work fine, but they are too slow, so I choose not to use them. HDD is one area I cheat a little when going for certain era builds. I don't like using CF or SSD, but I do use mechanical HDDs that would've been a little too big/fast for the time I'm targeting.
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Re: The dying Quantum Bigfoot

Postby Jed118 » 2018-2-04 @ 16:15

^^^ I do the same - my 1994 era 486 has a 2.5GB Maxtor in it, and my 1992 486DLC has an 850 Mb Barracuda drive in it. The only ones that have era-fidelity are my 286 (42 Mb full height drive) and my 386SX (Western Digital 85 MB)

KCompRoom2000 wrote:I have a 2.1GB Quantum Bigfoot drive that still works (in a Compaq Presario 2100), it even has a Compaq OEM installation of Windows 95 RTM (surprisingly not OSR2 despite being manufactured in early 1997), I made a VHD backup of it just in case it dies, I also have four Fireballs that still work (their capacities are: 6.4GB, 8.4GB, 30GB, and 40GB). However, I did have another 8.4GB Fireball die on me due to magnetic (nearby speaker) damage back in 2014.

Fireballs are amazing drives. I still have three of them in similar sizes. The only one to not register is my SCSI drive - I think it might be dead though.
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