So I had a stupid idea about how to build a really fast 486...

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Re: So I had a stupid idea about how to build a really fast 486...

Postby KCompRoom2000 » 2017-10-22 @ 23:30

lazibayer wrote:
BitWrangler wrote:
Anonymous Coward wrote:If you want a stupid fast 486, just get a Winchip.

Also, if you want a stupid socket 7, just get a Winchip. :D

Well... I would like to give it some credit... At least the earliest winchip can run Windows 7 but the earliest 6x86 couldn't... :sweatdrop:

A 200MHz WinChip running Windows 7? I never would've thought that was possible considering the Windows XP setup CD treats most WinChips as 486s so it refuses to install (at least back when I tested it on PCem a long time ago). Is it possible that the WinChip suffers from the same CPUID bug as the 6x86?
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