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Postby bloodbath2you » 2017-10-23 @ 01:03

BeginnerGuy wrote:I recently (finally) took the plunge and bought an AT style case with an old supply in it which I'll be replacing soon.. In the mean time I was testing out the machine as is while I get my parts in order.

The computer has been off but plugged in (3 prong, GFCI outlet) for a few days now, I went in it before to swap out the sound card and noticed that anywhere I touch on the metal chassis I can distinctly feel current travelling into me, first noticed just trying to unscrew an ISA card.

This used to happen to me back when I was young and fooling with my first computer but I totally ignored it. I'd like to not cause any damage these days.

What's causing it? A leakage issue with the power supply or some kind of short? I'll take the machine apart in a little while to inspect the power switch, other then that I'm guessing I'll just have to wait for a new PSU to come in the mail. Motherboard is definitely not touching metal, using typical old style standoffs.

The evil case (not that this pic helps, can add more later when I gut it a bit).

Please, if you have a sound card installed, never plug your phone or any audio device to it, it will kill its amplifier ... it happened to me months ago with my smartphone but fortunatelly was quite new so the garranty covered it.
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