cant get ESSVolume to Stick on Win 3.1 load

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cant get ESSVolume to Stick on Win 3.1 load

Postby CaelThunderwing » 2017-10-22 @ 10:25

I've been trying to get a good capture of output quality for Phil (Phil's Computer lab, i know he's got an account here but i dont know if its the same as his YT Channel or not. ) as he's never come across the ESS AudioDrive 1898F and was trying to get a sample recording done for its comparison to the AudioDrive he recently reviewed. (the ESS 1868F) now this i said i'd do almost a week ago but i met setbacks (Conflict of interests w/ a few modern games and going to get further derailed on nov 2nd w/ .hack//GU Last Recode) and just managed to scrounge up a small HDD that used to be in my old 486. (its only a 300-something MB Capacity)

anyways.. i tried now that i got a spare drive for my test system (PII-300mhz Card-based, 32MB Ram under 3.11 and a trident 3Dimage 9850) which is about enough for 3.1 and a few games but not really so for Windows 95. i get Windows 3.11 installed sound drivers, archive utilities and copy my games over by floppy (lord that'd go easier if i could find out of an LS120 drive would be supported over IDE in dos/win3.1 but i highly doubt it.) i go to record playback of Canyon (what better way to test ? :D), Opening of Willy Beamish and Monkey Island 1 (USB Audio adapter + usable App for my Smartphone) only to hear its badly overdriven , after 3 times fiddling w/ ESSVol and consistent high output recordings compare dto a test one from my main PC sounding just fine, i had to check it's settings...

Sure as Hell its all back to 10/8/8/8/8/8/ .. i set it back to atleast Master Vol 5 and Synth vol to 3, load windows only to exit and check to see it's back to default.

Any idea Why this is happening or know any 3.11 utilities that can effectively change the volume on the ESS 1898F w/o having to resort to temp-ganking the larger drive out of my Power Mac G4 and putting a short term use copy of 95 on it?
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