Ideas for mobo with no video signal

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Ideas for mobo with no video signal

Postby clueless1 » 2017-11-10 @ 22:21

I've got a mobo (Intel D946GZIS) that will not give me a video signal either on the integrated VGA port or external graphics adapters. I've tried PCI-E and PCI graphics cards. The board LED comes on and the CPU fan spins up when powered on. If I pull RAM sticks and power on, I get the correct BIOS beep code for RAM. This tells me the BIOS is alive. I've tried clearing the CMOS. I've visually checked the board and it looks in good health. It's not a huge deal, the board is not being used, more of a troubleshooting curiosity. Any other ideas of what I can check?
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Re: Ideas for mobo with no video signal

Postby Adrian_ » 2017-11-10 @ 22:27

Try other RAM. Sometimes it's so bad/incompatible that the mobo won't even get to beep with it installed. It's also worth re-seating the current sticks, cleaning the RAM slots and so on.

I've had a motherboard that collected dust on top of a drawer for quite a few years and then refused to run without errors until I did the credit card/rag/isopropyl thing on it's RAM slots.
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Re: Ideas for mobo with no video signal

Postby Maleckii » 2017-11-10 @ 23:46

Getting one of these can help too Having one has helped me bring more than one dead board back to life. Then again you need to have a BIOS that actually writes stuff to port 80h on boot up.
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