SATA to IDE Converter for old motherboards.

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SATA to IDE Converter for old motherboards.

Postby Cga.8086 » 2017-11-26 @ 04:19

I wanted to ask this because today i had to trash 2 old CDROM drives that did not work properly

One cdrom was an LG, got detected on boot, but as soon as i turned on the PC, it opened the tray alone, and if i closed it with or without a cd inside, it opened the tray again and again after 5 seconds

The other drive was a creative one, was just dead, gave ugly noises and when it ejected it ejected even with the cd still spinning

So im tired of this CDrom technology, probably everything will fail sooner or later on those old cdroms.

I wand to know if i can bun a NEW sata DVD drive, and connect it to a 486 motherboard, using one of those sata2ide adapters that are sold on ebay very cheap. Has anyone tried one of those on a 486 motherboard? i can´t belive im the only one with problems with Old cdrom drives
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Re: SATA to IDE Converter for old motherboards.

Postby gdjacobs » 2017-11-26 @ 05:00

Yes, you can use them. I recommend the cheap Chinese version with a full size Molex power connector, not the Berg connector for floppy drives. Be aware that most SATA optical drives do not have an output for analog or TTL digital Redbook (CD) audio to feed to your sound card, so DOS games that use CD audio rather than MIDI or PCM will not be able to play music.
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