ssd/cf/sd/hhd ?

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ssd/cf/sd/hhd ?

Postby scroeffie » 2017-11-26 @ 18:07

hi iam building a dos computer pentium 200 socket 7 i think voodoo 2 and 64mb of ram i can upgrade to 256mb
now i am not shure wat to use for installing the os and games ! the stock hdd is 2.5gb
iam shure i want to install win98se and pack 3 / i also want to install this HighPoint RocketRAID 404 < to use with a ssd or cf card ?
so the problem i have is or dont have yet , wat is the limit for windows 98se in terms of hdd space or ssd space can this HighPoint RocketRAID 404 <bypass the bios/os and like install a 500gb ssd ? or 1 tb hdd mechanical < wat i realy would like is 1 big hdd or ssd and have all the games I want on there so i dont have to move games from 1 computer to the other computer .i hope i made it clear thanks :)
iam also building a asus terminator system with xp but thats not a problem :)
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Re: ssd/cf/sd/hhd ?

Postby elod » 2017-11-26 @ 21:16

Depends on the motherboard. Early ones are limited to 8GB. This was later extended to 32GB. There are patches around for some boards to go beyond this.
The new controller should work if it has it's own BIOS. And if it's compatible with whatever PCI version the board supports.
I'd just use file sharing with a NAS if it's already around or use a second disk to host the archive. Should not be very large as the big games will probably run on the XP machine.
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