Hard drive problem when Oak OTI087X VGA card installed

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Hard drive problem when Oak OTI087X VGA card installed

Postby InbetweenDays » 2017-11-27 @ 10:04

Hi all,

My 486DX2-66 works fine with my trusty Trident 8900D in it, but not this Oak OTI087X card (which works fine in a different machine). With the Oak card installed, the hard drive isn't detected and so it wants to boot from floppy. I'm guessing a conflict with the HDD controller card, but there aren't any resource settings configurable in the BIOS, and I don't have config information for the controller card (please see my other thread). Still seems a bit weird though. The only video card jumpers are for Vesa/VGA mode and interlaced/non-interlaced.

Any other suggestions? I tried disabling the video BIOS shadowing, not that I thought that would work - which it didn't.


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