trobuleshooting dead ps2 + serial ports

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Re: trobuleshooting dead ps2 + serial ports

Postby Jepael » 2017-12-09 @ 21:33

chrisNova777: What are you trying to do with the serial ports that does not work? I mean, how have you tested if they are broken or not? Does a serial mouse work, or have you tried a loopback test with a terminal program?

The thing is, the dongle might be too power hungry compared to a serial mouse and draw too much current from that RS232 level converter that is on the motherboard, it's a charge-pump based voltage doubler/inverter.
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Re: trobuleshooting dead ps2 + serial ports

Postby Auzner » 2017-12-16 @ 02:41

What dongle is it?

It maybe was incompatible levels and damaged the winbond?

Also the auth of that age seems reversible...
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